Energie van het leven

Tachyonen en tachyonenergie zijn in toenemende mate een begrip aan het worden op onze aarde.  Dit is ook heel logisch gezien de grote voordelen die tachyonenergie voor ons mensen te bieden heeft. Wat te denken van het krachtige en snelle effect van tachyonenergie op geneeskundig gebied?

Tachyonenergie of wel Energie van het leven.

Tachyonenergie brengt heling voor ons mensen op alle niveaus, dus fysiek, emotioneel, mentaal en spiritueel. Het is een kosteloze, schone manier van energievoorziening. Het is een manier om elektrosmog, een buitengewoon hinderlijk bijproduct van ons elektriciteitsgebruik, te neutraliseren.


Het haalt de schadelijke effecten van elektromagnetische straling (mobiele – en DECT-telefoons, computers, zendmasten, etc.) permanent en zonder kosten weg. Al deze effecten, en nog meer, zijn zondermeer mogelijk door het gebruik van tachyonenergie. Een aantal van deze toepassingen waren rondom 1900 al bekend. We praten dus niet over een gloednieuw iets, maar wel over iets dat nu gelukkig weer helemaal in de belangstelling staat.


Nenah Sylver, PhD
Nenah Sylver’s earliest career was as a singer, musician, and award-winning songwriter. Her background in music led her to study energy healing, physics, and eventually electromedicine. She has published extensively on a wide range of topics in holistic health, psychology, sexuality and social change; but she is best known as the author of The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health, portions of which have been translated into Spanish, Polish, Korean, and German. After working for almost two decades as a Reichian (body-mind) psychotherapist, she became certified in Psych-K™, the Tennant Biomodulator, and VoiceBio Analysis Levels 1 & 2. Dr. Sylver offers educational courses on Rife Therapy and other electromedical modalities to individuals and groups. She also works with clients on a short-term basis, using rapid emotional release techniques. Her newest research involves case studies with the Magnetex (“Practitioner Trials,” 

Rife Handbook

Publisher: Phoenix, Arizona
Desert Gate Productions LLC
Copyright Date: 2011
ISBN Number: 97809818075-1-5
Book size: 8.5″ x 11″ (22.5 x 28.7 x 4.6 cm)
Page count: 768
Secure-eBook for Windows, 37 MB

Steven Haltiwanger, MD, CCN
Award-winning psychiatrist and Certified Clinical Nutritionist Dr. Steven Haltiwanger is recognized worldwide as an expert on the brain and on many different kinds of electromedicine modalities, including homeopathy and light. For over a decade, Dr. Haltiwanger had a private practice in orthomolecular neurology and psychiatry, environmental medicine, and nutrition. He has also been staff psychiatrist and medical director at many medical centers and universities. A gifted clinician and researcher, an experienced radio and television interviewee, and the author of dozens of articles, Dr. Haltiwanger speaks at conferences about treating aging brains, addictions, pain, memory impairment, neurological disorders, behavioral problems, and hormonal imbalances with electromedicine and nutrition. Currently, as Health and Science Director of Lifewave, Dr. Haltiwanger is responsible for coordinating research studies and writing scientific papers.

Edna Tunney, MEd
Resonant Light Technology
Ms. Edna Tunney has had careers as a physical education teacher of grades from K to 12, in real estate, and later as an energy healing and body work practitioner. She developed positive thinking courses, implementing them—along with therapeutic touch, reflexology and dream therapy—into adult continuing education courses. In the late 1980s, she obtained her Masters in Counseling Psychology and worked in a secondary school setting for a decade. In 2002, she met and married Donald Tunney, the founder of Resonant Light Technology. Inspired and touched by Don’s vision, and the impact that Resonant Light Technology was having on healing people worldwide, she utilized her skills to run the company after Don’s passing in 2009. Ms. Tunney has traveled to many countries, including Norway, Korea, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, Argentina, and all over the United States, to share the benefits of Rife Therapy and vibrational therapies.

Jimmie Holman
 of Pulsed Technologies Research, LLC (USA – Dallas, Texas)
COO of Bioenergetics & Pulsed Technologies, SRL
(European Union -Bucharest, Romania)
For almost four decades, Mr. Jimmie Holman has been involved in proprietary research and development in many areas of technical design, including electronic warfare, electronic surveillance, signal intelligence, exotic signal processing, advanced supercomputer development, and specialized studies for both domestic and foreign governments and agencies. Since around 1995, he has been extensively researching resonant frequency technology, focusing on its positive biological effects for personal, environmental, medical, commercial and industrial applications. Based in Dallas, Texas, Mr. Holman oversees much of the proprietary work of Pulsed Technologies in Eastern Europe.

Paddy McAlister
President of Magnetex 

For over two decades, Ms. Paddy McAlister has worked in the energy medicine and therapy field, using modalities ranging from color and touch healing to meridian therapy. With a undergraduate background in science and microbiology, she later taught Unified Field Physics, worked with a parent support group for drug-addicted teenagers, and was involved in the Japanese World Peace Project. In 2004, Ms. McAlister was the on-site manager for a Russian medical team doing research in “Frequency Imprinted Saline IV Treatments” at the Emanuel Medical Clinic in Georgia, under the supervision of Dr. Steve Haltiwanger. Ms. McAlister has worked as a technician to administer testing on a variety of electromedical devices, including Gas Discharge Visualization, the Computron, and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, in the offices of medical doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths and acupuncturists. Her new company, Magnetex, sells a hand-held, vibrating magnetic vortex instrument for eliminating pain and restoring health through the detoxification of the body’s cells and tissues.


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